About me

Before I start chatting about random things, I just wanted to introduce myself.
Last year after I graduated High School back in Germany I went for one year to the USA as an Au-Pair. I was or I am very lucky that I landed in the Big Apple, New York City. So I spend the last 11 month in Brooklyn, NY, my home away from home.
My journey wasn’t so easy and smooth as I wanted it to be or as I had hoped, but in the end everything turned for the better. I am not planning to talk a lot about my Au-Pair Year unless somebody really wants to know about it, but I thing that most likely won’t be the case.
However I want to share many other, hopefully exciting experiences about the past year, my life in general, my photographs, opinions about little things to what’s going on in the big, wild world.
If you are reading this, then I am happy to welcome you. I love to meet new people from around the world so if you want to chat don’t be shy and send me a message or leave a comment under my millions of blog pots I already published..!

Probably nobody will ever read this so I think I can let my thoughts run wild.
(For now I will write in English. Maybe I am going to translate (in German) some day.)